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Vocollect Voice Inspection Solution

Transform your inspection and maintenance operations with Voice

In today’s world, documenting inspection and maintenance checklists continues to be inefficient. For most, the process still requires the technician to enter their observations and findings as a separate process from the actual inspection and maintenance procedure. Vitech offers Honeywell’s best-in-class voice-based solutions that are purpose-built for the maintenance and inspection marketplace. The ‘Hands-Free, Eyes-Free’ technology enables businesses to elevate their documentation and compliance to levels never before attainable.  

Benefits of Voice Inspection

Streamlined Documentation and Enhanced Compliance

Spoken documentation allows technicians to complete observations and findings while performing the actual task. By following the voice-directed work-flows, technicians maintain consistent behavior and conduct their work in strict adherence to standard operating procedures.

Process and Safety Improvement

Process improvements are gained through the use of best-in-class processes and actionable operational insights. With the use of ‘Hands-Free, Eyes-Free’ technology, focus is never removed from the point of inspection, so instances of non-compliance, data entry error and worker injuries are greatly reduced.

Faster Training, Greater Technician Retention

New technicians and existing technicians alike enjoy easy-to-follow documentation and inspection processes. With Vocollect Voice Inspection, the entire process is driven step-by-step through voice commands, removing long training times associated with other methods. Technicians of all experience levels will welcome an intuitive solution that motivates and enables them to be more productive, increasing employee satisfaction.

How is Voice Inspection being used?

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Aviation MRO Inspection

· Engine Overhaul · Component MRO · Line Maintenance · Heavy Maintenance

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Automotive Inspection

· Inspection Checks · Repairs · Courtesy Checks · Preventive Maintenance

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Truck and Fleet Inspection

· Regulatory Compliance · Preventive Maintenance · Repairs · Aftermarket Services

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· Assembly Operations · Serial Tasks · Manufacturing Cells · Paper or Screen Based Instruction Sets

Voice Inspection Videos

Automotive Inspection

Aerospace Inspection

Voice Inspection Comparison

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