Benefits of Vocollect Voice

Improve Productivity and Accuracy

Voice directed work allows users to concentrate on the task they are performing, freeing them from having to focus on the tool that they are using. This simplifies the function and streamlines physical movements by eliminating the necessity of picking up and putting down a device or instruction sheet, or shifting the gaze from the material being collected. This not only translates into more efficient physical movement, but greatly reduces the opportunities for error.

Productivity Increase

Accuracy Increase

Improve Safety and Reduce Damages

Because focus is never removed from the task at hand, instances of product damage or worker injuries are greatly reduced. There is no need for a worker to take eyes off the box cutter or off the racking as the worker places a pallet in a tight spot. As a result, there are fewer injuries, fewer dropped products, and fewer punctured cartons, providing direct savings to the bottom line.

Reduce Training Time and Elevate Worker Satisfaction

Because each task that a worker performs is driven by voice, there is no need to train workers on reading printouts, knowing when/where to apply labels, or how to confirm information through a keyboard. Once a worker attends a one-time training session and creates a voice template (which takes as little as 15 minutes), the entire work process is driven step-by-step through voice commands. Workers are typically up and running in hours, not days. In addition to getting new team members up to speed quickly, our customers consistently report a much higher degree of worker satisfaction than that typically found with handheld devices or paper.

Training Time Decrease

Turnover Decrease