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Voice Process Videos

Fox Racing

The Fox Racing brand is the most recognized and best-selling brand of motocross apparel in the world today. Vitech worked with Fox to implement all picking workflows shown in these videos along with many more- effectively door-to-door voice-directed work. With the help of Vitech and Vocollect Voice, Fox doubled their picking productivity and increased their accuracy to 99.99%.

Multilingual Voice

Voice Replenishment

Voice Cart Picking

Hands Free

High Value Products

Pallet Building

Picking Perfects Orders

Reverse Order

Staff Management

London Drugs

London Drugs has stores in more than 35 major markets throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Serving over 45 million customers annually, London Drugs needed a company and technology that would help them maintain their high level of productivity, while ensuring no accuracy was lost. Vitech Business Group and Vocollect Voice partnered to bring them a customer driven solution that fit their needs and improved their accuracy to 99.999%. Watch the videos on the left to learn more about why so many companies are choosing Vitech Business Group.

Case Study Videos

Patterson Logistics Case Study

Fox Racing Case Study

It Has To Be Vocollect

LifeWay Christian Resources Case Study

London Drugs Case Study

Voice Inspection Videos

Vocollect Voice Inspection Solution

In today’s world, documenting inspection and maintenance checklists continues to be inefficient. For most, the process still requires the technicians to enter their observations and findings as a separate process from the actual inspection and maintenance procedure.   Vitech offers Honeywell’s best in class voice-based solutions that are purpose-built for the maintenance and inspection marketplace. The ‘Hands-Free, Eyes-free’ technology enables business to elevate their documentation and compliance to levels never before attainable. 


Voice Inspection

Automotive Inspection


Voice Comparison Videos

Vocollect Voice vs. Paper

Vocollect Voice vs. RF Scanning

Vocollect Voice vs. Pick to Light

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