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Auto ID Hardware

Vitech provides one source for your Auto ID harware requirements. We help maximize the ease of your supply chain implementation and enable you to take full advantage of your supply chain solution.   We partner with the leading hardware vendors. Whether you are implementing hardware in conjunction with our industry leading supply chain technologies or you are looking for Auto ID hardware for your existing environment, we can recommend, source and implement the technologies that will ensure you achieve the highest possible ROI for your Auto ID purchase.

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Apex Storage Solutions

Vitech is proud to be a partner with Apex Supply Chain Tehnologies in offering their world class, automated, self-serve dispensing solutions. These solutions allow you to track, manage, control, monitor, and analyze your equipment in real time, 24/7.  This means no more discovering you are four headsets short before a shift is set to begin. No more damaged equipment with no clue who caused the damage. And no more money thrown away to replace lost equipment.

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