Overcoming Omnichannel Challenges With Voice

Overcoming Omnichannel Challenges With Voice

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Retail warehouses were originally created for one purpose: to get inventory to the storefront. With the rise of eCommerce and shopper expectations, warehouse operations are pressed to overcome a list of challenges that come with having an omnichannel supply chain. While these challenges are significant, many of them can be addressed by implementing voice technology to provide you flexibility and visibility into your operation.

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  • The biggest challenges omnichannel retailers are facing
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  • How voice can be used in-store to alleviate omnichannel stress

"Voice has allowed us to address the peaks of our business by enabling us to see the increased volume required, adjust our workforce of temporary and allocate staff to the hot spots, equipping them with the equipment they need then by flooding the work zones with resources needed to meet the demand.” –Warehouse and Distribution Director, London Drugs