Using Voice to Overcome Accuracy Issues

Talbots Case Study: Using Voice to Overcome Accuracy Issues

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Talbots, one of the largest specialty retailers of women's fashion in the United States, had been struggling with internal accuracy rates for years. They turned to voice for their SKU heavy operation after ruling out paper and RF scanning, and were able to achieve remarkable improvements to accuracy rates, productivity and more.

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  • Integrated voice into their current processes to utilize their tilt sorter and packing stations
  • Increased internal accuracy by more than 95%
  • Decreased training time from one month to one day

“Before voice, we had up to 150 mispicks a day. Now, that number has dropped to the low single digits. We have been able to maintain our external accuracy at 99.97%, but have to do far less work to keep it there.”

- Scott Campbell, DC General Manager, Talbots