Expanding Voice From Picking To Industrial Inspection

Nilfisk Case Study: Expanding Voice From Picking To Industrial Inspection

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Nilfisk, a world leader in professional and commercial cleaning solutions, had been struggling to hire enough workers to keep up with the demand for their 28,000 SKU's. After evaluating multiple different warehouse solutions, they chose to implement voice, and saw incredible results on the warehouse floor.

After seeing the change in the picking process, Nilfisk chose to take the implementation a step further, and implemented voice for their inspection procedures. The implementation was an incredible success, and yielded results that were better than anyone had planned.

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Nilfisk Case Study Cover
  • Improved productivity by 40%
  • Reduced overtime by 35%
  • Decreased training time by more than 97%
  • Decrease inspection line time by 30%
  • Achieve voice inspection ROI in one month

"Now that we have voice, we can confidently train workers and turn them loose in the warehouse with an hour of training." - Demetrius Smith, DC Manager and Head of Operations, Nilfisk