Using Voice to Overcome Mispicks

Lifeway Christian Case Study: Using Voice to Overcome Mispicks

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LifeWay Christian Resources, a leading provider of biblical materials, had been struggling to improve their 91.17% accuracy rate. They began their search for voice after determining the need to find a solution that could easily support accurate multi-pick and multi-put workflows, and selected Voiteq and Vocollect Voice. After implementing they got the accuracy benefits they were seeking, with additional benefits they hadn't anticipated.

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  • Decreased line errors by 69.8%
  • Used voice to utilize pickers as cycle counters
  • Decreased training time by 83%

“We could see accuracy improvements within the first few days. That was a big deal for us – we didn’t expect to see that kind of accuracy improvement so quickly.”

- Justin Sullivan, Manager of Supply Chain Systems, LifeWay Christian Resources