Voice Warehouse Solution Case Studies

Case Studies


Talbots, one of the largest specialty retailers of women’s fashion in the United States, had been struggling with internal accuracy rates for years. They turned to voice for their SKU heavy operation after ruling out paper and RF scanning, and were able to achieve remarkable improvements to accuracy rates, productivity and more.

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Talbots Case Study

Lifeway Christian

LifeWay Christian Resources, a leading provider of biblical materials, had been struggling to improve their 91.17% accuracy rate. They began their search for voice after determining the need to find a solution that could easily support accurate multi-pick and multi-put workflows, and selected Voiteq and Vocollect Voice.

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Lifeway Christian Case Study


Nilfisk, a world leader in professional and commercial cleaning solutions, had been struggling to hire enough workers to keep up with the demand for their 28,000 SKU’s. After evaluating multiple different warehouse solutions, they chose to implement voice, and saw incredible results on the warehouse floor.

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Nilfisk Case Study

Harbor Wholesale

Harbor Wholesale, a grocery and convenience store distributor based in the Pacific Northwest, had been struggling with the data entry and productivity levels associated with paper picking. After implementing voice, they were able to achieve the metrics they were seeking, while sustaining the long term growth they never thought possible. Read on to learn about the Harbor Wholesale success story.

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Harbor Wholesale Case Study

Container World

ContainerWorld, a beverage logistics company based out of British Columbia, Canada, chose voice after struggling with label consistency for their more than 300 customers. They needed a solution that allowed them to improve compliance in their warehouse while making it safer for their workers to lift large cases, and voice was the only solution that could provide them that freedom. Read on to learn about the ContainerWorld success story.

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Container World Case Study

Patterson Companies

Patterson, whose operations ship roughly 25,000 orders every day, had been fulfilling orders using paper documents and manual processes. With a goal of achieving industry-leading operations, they knew they were in need of a major change. Click on the button below to read the full case study, and see how, with the help of Voiteq, Patterson optimized their operation.

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Patterson Companies Case Study

London Drugs

Canadian retailer London Drugs was on a quest to achieve near-perfect picking with no change in productivity. Voiteq and Vocollect Voice partnered to bring them a customer-driven solution that fit their needs and improved their accuracy to 99.999%. Click on the button below to read the full case study and see the impact that Voiteq and Vocollect Voice had on London Drugs’ operation.

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London Drugs Case Study

Fox Racing

To support business growth internationally and their expanding e-commerce business, the team at Fox Racing determined that an expansion of Voiteq’s Vocollect Voice Solution best met their operational needs. With tremendous and rapid improvement in productivity and accuracy in picking, the partners knew voice could help across multiple distribution workflows. Click the button below to learn more about the company wide impact of Voiteq and Vocollect.

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Fox Racing: Extending Voice Case Study

Guest Supply

Driven by a need to improve accuracy, productivity, and employee safety in their distribution centers, Sysco Guest Supply evaluated many options and determined that Voiteq’s Vocollect Voice solution best met their operational needs. Sysco Guest Supply and Voiteq worked closely to develop innovative solutions that stretched far beyond voice picking. Read on to learn about the Guest Supply success story.

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Guest Supply Case Study

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