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For almost two decades, Voiteq has helped customers design, select and implement voice technology into their operations. With offices that span the globe, we provide global service on a local scale.

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Vocollect Voice

Voice directed work is about empowering team members to deliver flawless performance in your DC. Voiteq has nearly two decades of experience transforming warehouses with voice.

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Voice Inspection

Voiteq offers voice-based solutions that are purpose-built for the maintenance and inspection marketplace, and eliminate the reliance on laptops, handheld devices, and paper.

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Nilfisk Case Study Cover

Nilfisk Case Study

Nilfisk, a world leader in professional and commercial cleaning solutions, had been struggling to hire enough workers to keep up with the demand for their 28,000 SKU’s. After evaluating multiple different warehouse solutions, they chose to implement voice, and saw incredible results on the...

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Evaluating Warehouse Technology Whitepaper

Evaluating Warehouse Technology

When evaluating picking solutions for the warehouse, there are four main options that are often considered: voice, paper, RF scanning, and pick-to-light. Although each of these solutions have their own strengths, weaknesses, and ideal applications, they should all be considered when making...

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Lifeway Christian Case Study Cover

LifeWay Christian Case Study

LifeWay Christian Resources, a leading provider of biblical materials, had been struggling to improve their 91.17% accuracy rate. They began their search for voice after determining the need to find a solution that could easily support accurate multi-pick and multi-put workflows, and selected Voiteq and Vocollect Voice...

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From 3PL to retail, we take pride in providing our customers with the best supply chain solutions available.